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A small business involved with technical research in demilitarization of munitions and
the development of residential units for college students.
ProMap (Process Maps)
  • Allow uses to built interactve process map or trees to help with demilitarization of munititions
  • Developed for JMC-McAlester
  • Browser-based, no software installation


AMDIT (Ammunition Maintenance and Demilitarization Interactive Tool)

  • Links different DoD item numbers to APE (Amunition Pecular Equipment)
  • Database used in other programs to facilitate use of proper equipment

MyQC (Online MCAAP Yield and Quality Control System)

  • Allows quality control personnel to enter daily production with rejects and defects
  • Generates PDF reports and graphics
  • Web-based, can be accessed anywhere



Online Learning Simulations for Engineering

  • eCourses premier online engineering learning system with free eBooks
  • Mobile Apps for Engineering (Android and iOS)
  •    Torsion HPC Torsion Sress Calculator
  •    Flow HPC Flow Around an Ellipse
  •    EqSolver Simultaneous Equation Solver